Welcome to the Royal College Curepipe Wiki.
The Royal College Curepipe Wiki began on January 29 of 2010. It is a free, public and collaborative project for all students of RCC, past and present, to help create a definitive guide to life at the Royal College of Curepipe.
Eventually we hope to together create a site full of every bit of information about the Royal College of Curepipe.
We are currently editing over 9 articles, and you can help.
About The School
Royal College Curepipe History
Royal College Curepipe Building

The Royal College Curepipe (commonly known as RCC) is a state boys-only secondary school located in the centre of Curepipe, Mauritius. Since its inception, the RCC has produced many eminent figures, members of parliament, ministers, doctors, engineers, accountants, executives, lawyers, judges, businessmen, other successful professionals as well as leaders in Mauritius. (read more...)


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