1960-1968 B. Bullen Rector

1968-1970 B. Bathfield Rector

1970-1980 R. D'Unienville Rector

1981 J. Gopaul Acting Rector

1982 S. Finette Rector

1983-1984 J. Gopaul Acting Rector

1984-1989 J. Gopaul Rector

1990-1994 P. Bancillon Rector

1994-1996 S.K. Mahadeo Rector

1996-2000 R. Jogee Rector

June-July 2000 L. Woodun Acting Rector

February-September 2000 C. Lim Kong Acting Rector

2000-2004 M. Thodda Rector

July-November 2004 G. Bhugobaun Acting Rector

November 2004-(Present) H. B. Nabheebucus Rector

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