Laureates' Day 2010 was celebrated on February, 8 2010. There were only two laureates this year: both in Science side.


The two laureates were both from Science side: Satyasheel Ramphul and Atyab Ahmad Calloo.

Satyasheel RamphulEdit

Satyasheel Ramphul has been at RCC since Form 1, after having been ranked first at CPE level. Last year, he ran for scholarship but unfortunately, did not get it. However, this year, he earned the SSR Scholarship for the college the ninth time consecutively in Royal College Curepipe History.

Atyab Ahmad CallooEdit

Atyab Ahmad Calloo received an Additional Scholarship Science Side.


This year, before the announcement of laureates were even made, celebrations started in the quadrangle. Despite the heavy rain and the disappointment when it was declared that there were only two laureates this year, the Royalists' spirit was not dampened. Celebrations started at around 11.10 am till around 2.15 pm when the final bell was rung.